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Runner's FitKit SALE  $20 off

Enhance performance & reduce injuries with safe & effective strength training & flexibility exercises designed specifically for runners:

sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) increase your running speed and distance
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) increase your ability to climb hills
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) maintain form and sprinting ability at the end of a race
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) decrease your risk of first-time running injuries
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) decrease your risk of re-injury  read more


- instruction manual - 115 pages, spiral bound
3 clip-tubes - 24" w/clip & door anchor
- handle
- ankle cuff
- stretching strap
zippered carry bag 

Runner's FitKit  
$49.95  $20 off 
includes FREE shipping

Runner's FitKit Manual  - $15.95  $6 off 
includes FREE shipping

NOTE: Included in the kit--purchase only if you have bands and need just the book
 program can be performed on with weights & gym machines--conversion chart provided


Runner's FitKit can be customized to meet your individual needs and goals—the strength training program includes optional exercises for particular running conditions (hills, faster paces, uneven terrain) and for preventing specific running injuries of the foot, shin and knee. 

Included is a range-of-motion assessment to identify running muscles in need of special attention and a pullout chart with a stretching routine for the office. In addition, the manual contains chapters explaining causes and prevention of running injuries, how increased strength and power translate into better running performance, and special considerations for the novice and over-forty runner.

Often with overuse running injuries the problem isn’t “overuse” but rather “lack of preparation for use.” Inadequate strength and poor flexibility result in weak, tight muscles that increase the risk of getting a running injury. For example, weak hip abductor strength is linked to Iliotibial Band Syndrome, while excessively tight calves and hamstrings can cause knee problems for the runner. 


Runner’s FitKit increases not only strength and flexibility but also power and muscular endurance with exercises that mimic movements and muscle actions of the running gait. Therefore, the hip flexors are trained for their role in the knee drive (the primary propulsive force in distance running), the hamstrings for their braking action of the knee drive, and the shin muscles for endurance to help prevent fatigue-related running injuries. 


Sample Running Exercises and Stretches
What People Say About the Runner’s FitKit


Instruction Manual 

Table of contents

Includes resistance training programs (Strength Training Program for Runners and Intermediate Training Program for strength, power and muscular endurance) and stretching programs for the home and office. The resistance training programs can be modified for specific running conditions and specific injury prevention. The manual also contains a training program for non-runners and a weight-room conversion guide to perform the exercises in a gym. In addition, there are chapters on running injuries, running performance and more.   Back to top


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