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What People Say About the Sports FitKit for Golf

The Experts

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)   "The Sports Fitkit for Golf manual is excellent. It is very sound and straightforward, with the essential stretching and strengthening information presented in a simple, clear, and concise manner. The photos are well-done, and show the desired movement patterns effectively.

I commend you on your good work, and trust that many golfers will benefit from your efforts. As you know, we have had significant improvements in body composition, muscle strength, and joint flexibility in golfers who participated in our golf conditioning research program. Unfortunately, we have not developed a practical approach to golf conditioning, as you have done so expertly with the Sports FitKit for Golf."

- Wayne L. Wescott, Fitness Research Director and National Strength Consultant 


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icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)  "I have improved my strength and flexibility with The Fitkit for Golf. It has added distance to my drives and improved my scoring. If you want to get better performance from your swing, I highly recommend you get this kit and use it!"

- Dave Toyama, PGA Professional and Pro Shop Manager, Wailua Golf Course, Kauai

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)  "I've been weightlifting since1983, but feel that I get a great workout with the Sports FitKit for Golf because it focuses on good form and exercises geared for golf. And it's really convenient. I can take the kit anywhere--if I'm at a golf tournament or on vacation. After 8 weeks of doing the stretches and warm-up, I felt a lot more limber. At the level I'm now playing, competition golf, it's really important that when you step on the 1st tee, you're ready not only mentally, but physically."

- Deron Doi, ATP Golf Professional

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)   "As a physical therapist, I see many people that have sustained injuries as a result of incorrect or absent warm-up and training prior to sporting activity. I feel this product will allow golfers to prevent needless injuries by performing a simple, concise, but effective program. I particularly like the fact that the Sports FitKit for Golf manual differentiates between stretches and warm-ups, which although both important, are commonly misinterpreted by many as being synonymous."

- Dave Benterud, RPT 

Kellie.GIF (48796 bytes) icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)  "Unlike other programs that require heavy equipment, this kit is simple to use and convenient. My golf game has improved because I'm strengthening the right muscles for golf."

- Kellie Pleas, PGA Teaching Professional, Grove Farm Golf Course, Kauai


icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)   "I've been using the Sports Fit Kit for Golf for approximately five months and have definitely noticed a strength and flexibility improvement. I find the Kit very handy, transportable and versatile. It can be used at home for an entire sequence of workouts, or be taken to the golf course for a quick series of stretching exercises before playing. As many of us continue to proceed thru middle age, the necessity for pre-round stretching becomes even more important. Thanks again."

- Dennis Masterson, Westlake, OH

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)  "I've been working out with the equipment and now have more flexible, toned muscles. I am hitting the ball further with less effort and think my swing speed has increased as well. The Sports FitKit for Golf is definitely worth the ****1/2 star rating."

- Mitch Crawford, e-mail

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)   "This product has really been great. It has helped strengthen my muscles. Also, I noticed that I don't overwork muscles as much if I perform the exercises and stretches before I play using the pre-warm up stretch card for the golf bag. I like the ease of using the kit and the fact that I can take it with me when I travel."

- Barb Hartzer, Cleveland, TX

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)   "At the age of 62 I attempted to take up golf again after a twenty year layoff. I found my flexibility to be severely limited. At the age of 65 I discovered the Sports Fitkit for Golf. After 3 months use my flexibility has improved enormously and so has my golf. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wishes to increase his flexibility and/or his golf game."

- Jim DuPree, Burlington, NC

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)   Since using the Sports FitKit for Golf I feel stronger and more flexible. I like the fact that all the items fit into one compact case and I can take it with me when I travel. (I use the kit at home and in hotels on business trips.)

- Paul Consiglio, North Royalton, Ohio

 icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)  "This is by far one of the best Kits I have used in my quest for a more enjoyable & healthier game. Very convenient to carry during the course of my travels & hence I am consistent in my routine. You cannot shape a golf swing if you are not in shape."

- Dr.F.R.Dubash, Karachi, Pakistan

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)   "Just wanted to comment to you that I purchased your Sports FitKit for Golf in January and I am extremely happy with the results it has given me. Being 48 years old, I'm not interested in becoming a muscle-bound jock. Instead, the kit has helped me become fit and trim. I'm also hoping for an extra 10 or 20 yards when hitting the ball."

- Ernie Sulski, St. John, IN

icon_sm.gif (261 bytes)   "I like the Sports FitKit for Golf because of its ease of use and the instruction for the exercises and stretches. It has decreased my back pain that came from the twists and turns of golf and I believe it increased my flexibility."

- Robert Parent, Farmington Hills, MI

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