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Sports FitKit for Golf 

Rated 4 1/2 stars out of 5 in Golf Magazine. Easy-to-perform golf exercise program:

- increase clubhead speed and driving distance
- increase strength, flexibility, stamina, and fitness
- decrease risk of injuries related to playing golf  read more


-  instruction booklet
- 2 clip tubes 
- ankle cuff
- handle
- stretching handle
- stretching strap
-  golf warm-up bagtag
- carry bag


Sports FitKit for Golf - $39.95 includes FREE shipping! 



 Golfers need to take care of their #1 piece of equipment—their body. It takes power and muscular control to hit a golf ball at high speeds consistently during a round of golf. Also, larger clubheads cause increased physical demands, leading to more injuries in the unconditioned golfer. Unlike other sports, playing golf won't increase your golf-specific fitness. Since the golf swing lasts only a second, you'll need to perform exercises to strengthen and stretch your muscles in order to improve your golf performance.

Golf  Magazine    golf exercise equipment Rating (out of 5 stars)

"To truly help your game, consider a workout program that stretches and strengthens those areas (lower back, wrists, rotator cuff and elbows) most prone to golf injuries. The Sports FitKit for Golf presents stretching and strengthening exercises in a clear, concise instruction manual..." Golf Magazine, February, 1999

golf exercise equipment   "Members gave the Sports FitKit the seal of approval with many comments on it's ease of use."

“The Sports FitKit is an easy, inexpensive way to exercise the correct muscle groups for the golfer. And it doesn’t take long to exercise. After performing the exercises, I had an increased shoulder turn and greater driving distance.”
- Charter Member Dan Rider, Fairmont, WV

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