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Baseball/Softball Strength & Conditioning Programs

By strength-training the muscles used in baseball/softball you can:
- throw the ball faster and farther
- swing the bat with more strength and speed 
- run the bases faster 
- reduce your risk of first-time baseball/softball injuries & re-injuries

Baseball/Softball FitKit
Baseball Exercise Kits
SPRI Baseball Xertube
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 -  instruction manual - 24-pages
 - 2 clip tubes of different resistance levels 
 - handle - for upper-body exercises 

 - ankle cuff  - for lower-body exercises
 - stretching strap
 - carry bag


Designed using the latest sports medicine research, the manual includes:
22 strengthening exercises for the muscles most used in baseball & softball
- plyometric exercises to increase speed & power
- flexibility exercises to stretch muscles commonly tight from playing
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Baseball/Softball FitKit   
Level 1 - $36.95 
For boys & girls

Level 2 - $37.95  For teens & adults 
Strong adult males should get the extra-heavy clip-tube

Extra-Heavy Clip-Tube - $7.95 (Save $2 off regular price)

Spring Special - includes FREE shipping!  while supplies last

- 40" tube with baseball on 1 end & rail attachment on the other
 - 16-page exercise chart 
 - FREE door attachment and additional exercise guidelines

Designed to resemble the natural baseball motions of throwing, pitching, batting and fielding.
rotator cuff muscles, we recommend the Baseball/Softball Fitkit since the Xertube doesn't isolate and train the RC muscles individually, nor does it  include eccentric exercises for the "braking" motion.

Save $3 on 2, $6 on 3 (discount applied in shopping cart).  Includes 1 instruction booklet  per Xertube 

Choose Correct Resistance Level

Green    $17.95
Red    $18.95
Blue    $19.95


Baseball Exercise Kit #1 - 1 baseball Xertube, 1 fit-tube, 1 door attachment and instruction charts 

Baseball Exercise Kit #2 - 2 baseball Xertubes, 2 fit-tubes, 1 door attachment and instruction charts 

Choose Correct Resistance Level


Green - $26.95
Red - $27.95
Blue - $30.95 

Select Colors

BASEBALL EXERCISE KIT #2  - 2 baseball Xertubes, 2 fit-tubes - save $6 off items sold separately (see above description for exercise kit #1).

Choose Correct Resistance Level  

Green & red bands -  $51.95
Red & blue bands - $54.95

Select Colors:



Stretching Handle - an easy and effective way to stretch muscles commonly sore and tight from baseball--the shoulders, upper back and rotator cuff muscles.

Rotator Cuff FitKit  This program includes exercises for each of the 4 rotator cuff muscles plus shoulder stabilization. exercises. read more  



Exercise Charts


BASEBALL XERTUBE - - A small, 16-page booklet containing instructions and line drawings for 13 multi-joint exercises:

Underhand Throw Pull Back  
Underhand Throw Pull Forward 
Sidearm Backward Rotator 
Sidearm Forward Rotator
Sidearm Forehand Extension
Sidearm Forehand Flexor
Overhead Pull Forward 
Overhead Tricep Curl
Overhead Throw Pull Back
Bicep Curl
2-Handed Hitting Drill
Abdominal Trunk Twist
Back Trunk Twist



green - boys & girls, some teens, average women
red - some teens, average men, active women 
blue -
active men, strong women 

We recommend a 2-pack (2 resistance levels) because:
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) it's hard to gauge accurately the resistance you will need
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) you'll need a lighter resistance for pre-game warm ups than for strength training.
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) your workout will be more efficient (smaller muscle groups require less resistance while large muscle groups require more resistance).
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) you'll only have to pay shipping charge once rather than twice if you need to order a higher resistance level at a later time.  Also 2-packs are discounted.


Shoulders are frequently injured during deceleration (i.e. braking) of the baseball throw. This braking action, called eccentric loading, causes strain on some rotator cuff muscles. Consequently, these muscles must be trained eccentrically in order to withstand the forces placed on them. The Baseball/Softball Fitkit includes a specific exercise to address this issue. It also includes other exercises such as those targeting a rib cage muscle which if weak, can increase the deceleration forces on the shoulder during throwing. back


custom printed exercise bands


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