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Deskerciser™ Simple way to exercise the upper-body using a pulley with cord, handles and suction cup

Without leaving your desk, you can take short breaks to:
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) Exercise your arms, shoulders and upper back
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) Burn calories
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) Boost energy and concentration
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Reduce muscle tension and aches in your neck, back and shoulder   read more

DESKERCISER- $14.95   Includes instruction sheet.  Quantity Discounts

Your neck and shoulders are hard at work keeping your arms and head in place when typing and using a mouse. Holding these positions for long periods of time cause muscular contractions that restrict blood flow, resulting in sore, tight and aching muscles. The longer or more frequently you hold your arms in typing/mousing positions, the greater the risk of injury to muscles, nerves and other tissues of the neck, shoulders and upper back. 

Used as a warm-up before starting work or during breaks throughout the day, the Deskerciser™  relieves soreness and tightness and helps prevent injuriesIt's also a convenient way to burn extra calories and boost energy and concentration levels. 

Designer's Story

"Like many office workers, my neck and shoulders would get sore from long bouts on the computer--my shoulder blades would be on fire and it hurt to turn my head to the side. One day, desperate for relief, I hopped on the NordicTrack I keep nearby.  Without moving my legs  I just pulled my arms back. After a few minutes I felt much better, so I incorporated short breaks on the NordicTrack throughout my workday, experimenting with arm positions that best targeted trouble spots. Since only the pulley, cord and handles were used, I  developed a solution that others could use to relieve their computer-related sore neck, back and shoulders."

 - Deborah Mullen, CSCS  


"The Deskerciser is easy to use and to set up. I felt relief in my shoulders immediately, from the first exercise." - Leslie Fritz., Kelseyville, CA

"Quick, easy, doesn't take up lots of room. Almost effortless, but with instant beneficial results." - Stacy Bartlett., San Luis Obispo, CA

"I love that it encourages me to take quick "time-outs" from staring at the computer screen. After using the Deskerciser for just a few minutes, I feel energized - my muscles don't feel so tight and cramped any more. This thing is great!" - Shannon Cleary, Evergreen, Colorado




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